Relevant info

Effective Troubleshooting require more relevant info

Another helpful topic to share to our blog is Effective Troubleshooting require more relevant info. We all knew troubleshooting require a focus mental analysis to solve critical issue on an acceptable time manner and that effort is where you need to find the root cause of the problem.

But the compelling question is how do you do that?

Well the straight answer is you need to have relevant info and getting that info require an unique ability of your IT Staff to determine. Not all IT staff have the same technique, that’s why some people have common misunderstanding in terms of style of troubleshooting they want to use.

Getting relevant info is a complex procedures where experience, wits and confidence mixed-in to your judgement & interpretations, that’s why there’s no comprehensive material out there yet to map out the standard procedural and not all will be applicable per subject, for example technique in getting relevant info in the Medical field is totally different from the IT perspective.

So if you are resolving technical issues and it is still occurring every now and then, then it means you don’t have enough relevant info yet to provide permanent solution it’s just you are only addressing the manifestation of the technical issues.