Here’s our Top Ten Predictions in the World of Technology of 2017.

1. The Comeback of Laptop – Laptop are getting stronghold in the latest consumer survey, just
because Manufacturer are doing good job in developing 2-in-1 Laptop or hybrid Laptop/Tablet which we were amaze with the performance, design, ergonomics and pricing range.

2. Tablet Device Market is Dying – Yup, we know some of you will argue but the thing is laptop is taking over the market space of tablet by introducing 2-in-1 laptop. From our personal opinion why would you buy able when you can covert the laptop into tablet mode which is very practical from the cost perspective. Another thing why would you bring two devices such as tablet and laptop when your new laptop can also act as a tablet well?

3. Force Majeure of Cloud Computing Technologies – Year 2017 is Cloud Computing shining moment, whether you like it or not we need to adapt our business day to day operation to this kind of technologies. Most of the Big Tech Companies are not developing new products for premise based & shifting their products to a cloud based format, so the old systems we are used to is not anymore applicable by 2017 and onward.

4. Datacenter & Server Room is not anymore valid investment for SME Businesses – With the advent of Cloud Computing Technologies across all markets, it is not anymore wise to invest in having a local premise based sophisticated Datacenter or Server Room. Typically your Finance or Accounting Folks will know already the full potentials of the Cloud Computing and the savings will do the Company bottom line. Unless if your company is huge and has multiple international presence then Datacenter premise based is still good concept to maintain in your IT OPEX/CAPEX.

5. Outsourcing Software/Application Development in the SME Business Sector – Having your owned Software / Application Developers is a good strategic to elevate your business needs, but the question is how long will your company maintain a pool of developers where big Companies offer juicy compensation, not to forget your business expertise is not IT, so why focus to that aspect when your can explore the options of getting to EXPERTS.

6. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not yet there to replace Human Being Jobs – Artificial intelligence (AI) is a recent Buzzword we heard from the Big Tech Companies announcement, but so far we didn’t see the true value of adding something in our day to day lives and work. Maybe 2017 will not be Artificial intelligence (AI) year and will require more refinement of implementation and specific place in our Tech world. 2021 or 2022 maybe AI will be part our our norms?

7. Mobile Apps will continue to burst – Mobile Apps is sprouting everywhere and we will see the same momentum continues to growth of 2017.

8. Enterprise Based Antivirus Business is dying – With the Cloud Computing platform continuing breaking the displacement of traditional Technologies, no wonder Enterprise Antivirus Business is starting to subside due to the fact that Cloud Computing is taking over the business. Let’s put it a good example, when you purchase Microsoft 365 a Cloud Based Product. Microsoft will take care of scanning & cleaning of your mailbox and Anti-spam from their Cloud Technologies and Datacenter premises, so why would you need to purchase Anti-spam Gateway when your email in Microsoft 365 will take care of it? Kinda obvious to decide. If your interested for Microsoft 365 you can contact us a as we are Microsoft Certified Reseller.

9. Your IT Person / IT Team will be more mobile and more Productive than before – Mobile Apps are getting more stable and mature and more innovation are coming out in the way that your local IT Person will able to provide more assistance to your need even though they are not physically located one another. A lots of options are there for you to discover as which Apps will suit your Companies work culture, unlike before we are only restricted to fewer apps that are not fully customized to our needs.

10. Software Piracy Business is DEAD – As we all know we are against to Software Piracy and we are glad that Subscription based approach by Software vendor are paying off to combat Software Piracy Saga (we call it Saga because it’s been a long battle for a while).

11. It’s not worth to invest “in-house” Systems Administrator and Network Administrator in SME Companies – Technologies are getting user friendly & intuitive to managed and the fast rising of Cloud Technology make in-house Server Room or Datacenter obsolete to maintain in your office premise (not practical anymore). They are companies who offered Managed Services on demand which kinda practical for the SME Companies to consider and beneficially to their business financially.