29 Tech Trends for 2021

Here’s our 29 Tech Trends for 2021 and for that we might see these happened in the soonest in the IT Industry Sector, so stick around and enjoy reading our blog.

1. More and more Delivery Boxes and Bubble Wrap will be coming in our houses and office reception area as Online Shopping & Delivery will be more easier, user friendly, intuitive and very convenient to use.

2. AI is taking over for Digital Marketing Space as A/B testing is considered dead. Are we looking at more new AI WordPress plugins for this? or AI Based Marketing trends?

3. Huge changes in SEO World, so User Experience is a must in your Website. Also Backlinks Strategy for Website ranking will be dead and Webpage Content length won’t matter anymore for Google SEO Algorithm. Are we seeing Content Creation Outsourcing Industry will be gone soon?

4. Local SEO will be dead soon so focus more in Global SEO.

5. Google wants you to focus more on Mobile friendly first on your Websites, Ecommerce and Digital Hub Platform.

6. Social Media will be become more powerful than ever before, Are they becoming a Utility company Category?

7. Because of Covid-19 Pandemic, Digital Marketing Direction is a must in your Company Business Road Map.

8. Digital Transformation is a must now in your Business Road Map & Strategy. You might now start looking for an IT Company or IT Expert who can guide you to the right path of your Digital Transformation journey.

9. Your Business should be ready for Cashless & Coinless Transaction sooner. You might need to check Mobile White-Label Wallet Solution Provider as well.

10. Don’t invest to much in Brick-and-Mortar setup for your Stores expansion rather diverse your Business more on Online Presence.

11. Lots of new Social Media players are popping out soon, so expect your Marketing team will be more busier evaluating their features and benefits.

12. Focus more in your Niche when doing Digital Marketing and Blog posting. Google Algorithm is getting smarter everyday as of this time.

13. Work at home is a just a typical BAU (Business as Usual) now, Hybrid Workforce in the horizon?

14. After the GDPR, are we seeing another variant which will focus more on controlling and regulating Social Media?

15. Big Companies are investing more in Cybersecurity. We assume you knew already the Solarwinds incident.

16. Internet Connectivity in the sky will start deploying soon. Yehey!!

17. More Youtube players, competitors are coming out soon.

18. WordPress Theme Builder & Developer will have a new challenger in their game. Her name is Automattic.

19. WordPress Company (Automattic) will embrace the Service Sector as part of their Business Portfolio Diversity.

20. 5G will play a pivotal role for IOT Industry to sky rocket and it’s revenues opportunity , Are we seeing Autonomous Delivery in our home backyard?

21. Employee Experience Platform for HR Department Operation tool? Are we seeing this in Big tech Companies as well?

22. Lesson Learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic, Companies will be more investing in Technology Solutions.

23. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Automation will be more visible in our daily tech routines and consumption.

24. Third Party WordPress Page Builder and Themes Developer will be kick out on the next WordPress update and WordPress default editor will be Gutenberg. Will WordPress pull the plug and not anymore GPL?

25. Apple Search Engine and Webmaster tool Nuff said..

26. Is Apple building a Social platform to compete Facebook? Expect they will start blocking Social Media & Search Engine Giant tracking mechanism in their Ecosystem. Are we seeing this in their next IOS upgrade?

27. Apple would become a new competitor for Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

28. WordPress Theme Developer and Page Builders Companies are now investing for hosting Strategy to retain their existing customers and to compete with Wix or Weebly? Or are they preparing for BCP plan for WordPress (Automattic) new Business directions.

29. New Twitter Competitors will rise.

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