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COVID-19 Business Continuity Solutions

COVID-19 Business Continuity Solutions

Touchless productivity at your reach

This page offers our list of Technology Solutions & Offerings that will help continue your Business Operations inspite touchless challenges associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic.




Digital Payment

  • Complete Payment Solutions.
  • Omni Channel – Single Solution for all app based payments.
  • Reconciliation & Settlements.

Employee Self Service

  • Ready to use Product.
  • Dashboard, Attendance Summary and Personal details.
  • Shift schedules and VL/SL Application.


  • Instant Onboarding – straight through digital processing for new customers.
  • Portal – Merchant Onboarding.
  • Built-in OCR.

Develop Mobile Ecommerce App

  • We develop Android & IOS Mobile app for Ecommerce .
  • We can integrate to your existing ERP & Warehouse system.
  • We can integrate to your existing Payment vendor .

Learning Management System

  • Support Cloud Based or Premised Based.
  • Multi-Lingual Support & Gamification.
  • Adaptive Assessment & Support Social Media.

Microsoft Teams

  • We are Certified Cloud Service Provider & Reseller of Microsoft 365 Solutions.
  • Access Teams across all of your Mobile & Laptop devices.
  • Collaborate live in real time.

Queue Management System

  • Web Based & Paperless.
  • Cloud Ready and can be premise based.
  • Mobile Queue and provide Comprehensive Reports & Statistics .

Contactless Identification Solutions

  • Cost-effective and contactless solutions to eliminate hygiene and security issues.
  • Works with Third-Party Controllers.
  • Credentials Supported: Fingerprint, Face, RF Card, PIN
    and Mobile Bluetooth.

Visitor Management Solution

  • Streamlined Guest Flow.
  • Mobile Application for Visitor Management.
  • E-Pass with Digital Badge for Secured Check-Ins.

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