12 Topics All about Applications

All About Applications is a very good topic to bring in our blog and we would like to share with you some list of tips and Knowledge we learned from our day to day working life. Please note we just combine All About Applications topics relating to Computer and Mobile Devices.

Since this is an Era of Mobile Devices will start with topics related to that platform as follows.

  1. Applications play an important role in Apple success. No wonder Apple is still king of Mobile platform is because of humongous repository of Applications in their Apple App Store. Currently Android is catching up also with the race in Application Repository with Apple App Store.
  2. No matter how powerful specs (Processor, Memory RAM, Signal) you have for your mobile devices if less application could support then it’s useless for the consumer to maximize the potential and benefits of having power mobile devices.
  3. A lot of new young Billionaire are popping out of nowhere due to Applications they created and this created a big impact in the technology industry.
  4. Application improve our day to day living and it’s consider already part of our lifestyle and culture.
  5. Let’s move on to the desktop/Computer as Application installed in your computer level up it’s productivity value and ROI profit to your business.
  6. Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) is still king of Production application in desktop category.
  7. Since Application is Computer primary asset, we can also consider it also as greatest weakness in the security point of view.
  8. Always conduct inventory of your Computer Applications and identify which are always being used and those are just used once and forgotten. Leaving only important applications in your Computer significantly improve performance reduce potential security risks.
  9. Make sure what you need is just installed in your computer as some of the old software might be potential loophole for any Hacker that could compromise your data files.
  10. Before installing Application make sure to do some research or review about their full capability and compatibility of your hardware.
  11. Installing pirated Application is like putting your data and your company business at risk and might have hidden scripts package in the pirated application.
  12. Make sure you use Genuine Application as you could avail benefits of Software Update, Patch and Bug Fixes.

So that’s all folks of some of the topics we want to shared with you regarding All About Application.

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Till next time.