4 Business Reasons Why All About File Folders is so Important

Yup it’s All About File Folders our topic for blog the one you commonly found in the bookstore, grocery, stationary. It’s a common stationary item that has big impact to the IT Department Operation and we will enumerate the importance later on. We all knew some companies out there are now practicing for a paperless workplace organization but it doesn’t mean that totally zero paper across the board, of course there’s still some exceptions to the rule that paper documentation is a must like for example; HR, Legal and IT. So we will tackle the values of File Folders in the IT Department one by one, so here goes..

1. BCP/DRP – Even how sophisticate your IT Department are, but in the event of disaster strike or outage nothing can beats of having readily available emergency procedures guidelines documents organized in the File Folders. Trust us, even the Oil Refinery Company has that physical documents arrange in the File Folder readily available on the working area of the Control Systems & Petroleum Engineers. A classic case for All About File Folders

2. Software Licenses – File Folders is the better place you can put your hard copies of Software licenses and you can put it in the offsite storage for backup purposes. In case of disaster these file folders of licenses is very handy during recovery of systems in the hot site.

3. Accountability Forms – IT Department has lots of loose items and resources we typically manage & assign to the users for their respective jobs like for example; headsets, proximity card, projectors,tablet, sometimes USB or even service laptop (for users who will attend overseas meeting or event). Of course those accountability should be “physically signed” and place it in the File Folders for safe keeping and easy to manage. Another case study as why we bring up All About File Folders topic in our blog.

4. Shared IT resources – If you have limited resources and tools that your IT department uses on a daily basis like DVD ROM, Special Tools, USB, portable hard drive (for Ghost Imaging) then you need to have tracker sheet in place for proper monitoring & accountability and a better place to organize it is to put in the File Folder.

So there goes the 4 Business Reasons list Why All About File Folders is so Important and will play huge impact to your IT Department Operation. If you haven’t done that then better start organizing and prepare your File Folders while there’s no outage or disaster yet.