Repairing IT Devices

Is another classic topic flowing around in the day to day IT Department Operation and it’s a never-ending debatable subject that not all will accept especially the IT Staff. We will tackle some actual FACTS, current trend practices, of course the PROS & CONS and our expert advice to this matter. After reading this article you’ll have overall understanding from the business aspects, to the Technical up to IT Operation aspects about Repairing IT devices.

17 years ago Computer & Server Clone rise up to the market because of the cheap cost and very customization, but it didn’t last long as branded Computer & Server Companies step up to the competition and provide affordable costing and great after sales service. Until today branded computer & server companies still dominate majority in the market, but for others businesses they are still left behind or not aware of dramatic changes happened in the landmark of computer/laptop/server industries.

1. We understand the business aspect about doing the first level repair or troubleshooting need to be done by IT staff, but they are some items that are beyond repair by IT staff like motherboard, power supply, board or specific card like SCSI, Controller, Gateway module, memory RAM and Hard drive. Manufacturers really design these components as disposable parts meaning if the component wears out then you can dispose it properly. They didn’t design their products to stay long as you know their business will end as no one will buy anymore for parts. Get it? It’s a trend nowadays even in the home appliances.

2. Not all companies have the luxury of over staff of IT personnel and they want to maximize their time and support to their critical business operations. It is unwise if you let you IT Staff spend lots of time repairing a motherboard where they can call the vendor for parts replacement in a jiffy.

3. It has lots of benefits of going to the branded one has its support and part replacement warranty reaches up to 3 yrs. typically, unlike in the clone Computer and servers their warranty is around 6 months only. Another classic case study for Repairing IT devices

4. You go to the reputable Computer, laptop and server vendors. It doesn’t mean that you buy branded computer to the cheapest vendor will suffice; you also consider the status and capability of the vendor to provide support.


5. People think that repairing the computer parts will reduce their cost on IT CAPEX/OPEX. Well on our experience this is just a temporary solution and the component will definitely encounter another technical issue since it’s not any more in stable operating condition or worst if this component breakdown happens during peak production hours imagine the amount your company revenue will lost because of this not stable & chronic component. Then try to compare the cost by replacing a new one? And you’ll see the values and benefit to your Business.

As Businesses are going more competitive than ever before, you might also need to be align to the current trends of Repairing IT devices practices as you might be surprise how fast the trend is evolving against the time on how you accept the change and to adopt this kind of new practices.