All About Logs

Is a very interesting topic to discuss and it’s not a common item being discuss by IT staff except from the IT Specialist level. Typically you’ll just heard of this word when there’s outage need to resolve, audit, IT Security investigation, that’s why some IT people tend to sway-off this topic if necessary. We will share with you our expert insights about the values of All About Logs can do to your Company Business and to your IT Department as well.

Default limitation setup – Some Hardware, Systems and Operating System by default doesn’t retain logs for more than 2 months as it consume resources like storage to kept and indexing. That’s why you need to review all the Logs settings provided by the systems/hardware by default and you need to identify your Business & Operational requirement about log retentions and not depending on the systems provided.

Ultimate Defense against Rogue IT Specialist – Let’s face it there’s no such thing a perfect environment, so it’s a must for you to check as business owner if logs is established, working and not corrupt in your sensitive on-premise systems. Make sure Logs have external backup to prevent by someone damaging it. Typically Rogue IT Specialist tend not to do anomaly activity if they find out that the systems has sophisticated logging systems, so if you found out that the logs is not properly setup then expect someone is covering up illegal activities remember your Business Data can be considered as commodity items and can be sell. You can consult with Third Party IT Company ( for check and balance and to check if your systems is not compromise.

Audit Friendly – Typically in the Banking and Financial Institutions their logs must have at least 2 yrs retention period due to audit purposes, so if you have future plan for your business to be certify with Industry Standards then invest for the logging infrastructure of your business activities.

Effective Troubleshooting tool – Logs play an important role in troubleshooting issues as it provide critical data or information as what is the root cause of the issue.

All About Logs is a good knowledge we shared with your in operating and managing your IT devices.