Rise of Cloud Based Analytics

There’s a lot of Buzz going on since February 2014 about Rise of Cloud Based Analytics or Business Intelligence (BI) and some Big Companies like IBM, Oracle, SAP, DELL, HP, and Salesforce are already starting to showcase their Cloud Based Analytics or Business Intelligence (aka BI) products. So it’s a good timing and opportunities for us to include this in our blog for you to understand and what can do for us.

Some Basic Stuff you need to know about Rise of Cloud Based Analytics:

What is the Cloud Based Analytics or Business Intelligence (BI) – It’s a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) products and it main primary functions is to do Business Intelligence. They mostly contain very sophisticated algorithms and analytical tools to help customer analyze, sort their massive existing data. It also help Operational People to manage their data without the extend knowledge of Database, and customizing report via manipulating application code.

What can it do for us? Here’s 12 Reasons why:

  1. Your massive data could be access easily via mobile in real-time.
  2. Synergy of your massive date between inter Department Group, Sub-Contractors, your clients will be more easily.
  3. Top Management and Middle Management will have tool to guide them for their decision-making process since this is what really Business Intelligence can do.
  4. Can be used for Performance Management tool for your staff if your company is Enterprise scale.
  5. Traditional old IT tools lack the capability for a powerful and stable analytics and cannot cover over all the data traversing to the organization worldwide.
  6. It will help your Data Analyst Staff to get the precise data in an easy and swift manner.
  7. Additional powerful tools for Sales, Marketing and Top Management to analyze the performance of their products and services thus making a critical decisions to improve the logictics, identify clients in a precision way, identify how to improve the Sales and lastly identify any business risks in their process.
  8. HR and Recruitment tools to assess the behavior of the applicants, analyze the attrition rate on a granular level,
  9. Good collaboration tool for Project Management Group, Workforce, Finance and Business Operation for forecasting the needs for sudden business requirements.

What are some data contain in your Cloud Based Analytics? – Of course the Structured Data which are the Database Data itself, Data Warehouses, and then unstructured data like your company website like Digital Content, Company related documents, Emails, Surveys, Social Media raw data, Collaboration tool, Reports Generation from the past, historical data, Audio files like recording and video presentation, graphics documentation like presentation, billboard, poster, internal documents containing product prototype designs and so forth.

What Savings can it do for us? – Most people ask this and the main investment for this technology is the planning & execution which really eat manpower time for your company staff like for example process mapping, assessment for risks, uploading of your humongous data, QA testing and acceptance you need to do and validation from a third party group. Once you survived that then the next succeeding years will just investment on your subscription access fee.

What are the limitation? – Well if your Business always access premise based data and make modification everyday in real-time then uploading it to the Cloud Based Analytics on every changes made is not really recommended and might cause unexpected error from the systems algorithms and also eats a lot of manpower time and resources. If that so this product is not suitable for your business tool.

We hope were able to enlighten you about our article for Rise of Cloud Based Analytics.

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