How to protect your Data residing in IT Gadgets

No matter how careful we are in securing our personalized or company assigned IT Gadgets, sometimes we meet the “inevitable” events like forcibly taken to you by thieves about your IT Gadgets. So how you gonna protect your data from this sudden or unexpected events?

We will share with you some of the Tech Tips on how to protect your data residing in your IT Gadgets.

For laptop Device

Hard Drive Encryption – You need to invest time and effort about enabling encryption service to your hard drive, so that in case thieves stolen your laptop containing sensitive data you are pretty sure they can’t get access to your sensitive data. For Windows platform you can look for bit-locker or third party encryption software, just make sure that the encryption key is separated in your laptop hard drive like put it in you USB drive or another storage media and place it in your home or any secure area. Why we said this is if you put your encryption key on the same storage then there’s no purpose why you are securing your data, because thieves might decrypt it using that key.Okay got it?

BIOS Password – Relinquish yourself from the temptation of making it so easy or convenient for opening files in your laptop, this is one of the weaknesses why hackers could access files easily. In your laptop there’s this function you need to press like F5 button or etc (depends on the laptop brand) whenever you turn ON your laptop then the BIOS settings will come-out then look for the security menu and dive in for the enabling password on BOOT UP or BIOS password options.

Password, password, password – Do not leave your Operating Systems account without any password – nuff said.

Offsite backup – Make sure you have backup of your files in your external drive on monthly basis and we said monthly that’s correct, we know it’s hard but it will pay-off once you encounter any unexpected events.Make sure that the Storage media is not residing in your laptop bag and should be in separate and secure place.

Tablet & Smartphone Devices

Folder and File Encryption – All Tablets being sold today has security built-in encryption tool to secure your sensitive folders & files, so you need to invest some time and effort to check this and if this is very complicated for you to understand then there’s third party apps options can be bought in Apple, Android and Microsoft Tablets STORE (Apps Store we mean) . The amount you are spending for the encryption tools cannot compare for a good night sleep and the potential risks if it is in the wrong hand.

Passcode – The features is there already in your device why not try it out and get use of it by integrating to your current lifestyle.

Remote Wipe – There’a certain apps that can perform remote wipe of your devices if you send specific code, so it’s a nice feature for you to check it out. Blackberry are very famous for this kind of features no wonder the current President of US is still using this as his personal device or backup mobile device.

Hope we were able to help you with our articles related for How to protect your Data residing in IT Gadgets.

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