Cloud-Based PBX and Premise-Based PBX

There’s a reason why we brought this good topic to our blog and we would like to share with you some of our insights and experiences about the value of Cloud-Based PBX and Premise-Based PBX, so here goes..

Cloud-Based PBX

1.Timing – Why we said Timing? Let’s make a good example, current Hit Movies launching for the past 4 yrs up to today are based on the computer technology creation such as CGI and if they evolution of the computer technology didn’t evolve so fast then the CGI based movies will not be an instant hit to the moviegoers. So what has something to do with the Blog topic? Well the story of CGI Effect movies evolution and Cloud-Based PBX (Saas) are the same. During the start of the dawn of Cloud-Based PBX is starting to leverage the momentum of Virtual Server Virtualization, Rapid changing of Network technology, Maturity of HTTP & HTTPS Protocols, Support from the Well known Hardware Company and their collaboration to one another to achieve the birth of Cloud Based Technology, Hardware Companies share their common interest & valuable assets to perform one common goal which is fast paced R&D for new Back plane technology and lastly the commoditization of Structure cabling such as Fiber. If you connect the dot we mean the execution and timelines of this events and timing of the Technological milestones happened all contributed to the birth of a new product called Cloud-Based PBX.

2. Consumer Support – Cloud-Based PBX will not be successful today if without the support from the end-users,Business Leaders, IT Leaders & IT Communities.They are consider as major driving force for the investors and Technology Companies to invest further to this kind of technologies.

3. Rise of New Players in the Market – Diversify Cloud-Based PBX Vendors the more competitive the market is, which means Technological breakthrough is not anymore something we can wait for the Big Players as small players are setting up the pace in the performance and cost effective Voice Systems.

4. Good News for the Finance Folks – That’s right it’s good news for the Finance Group as it lower their company CAPEX forecast and route their budget more in other department where will benefit the Company Bottom line and Job efficiency.

5. Convenient to Integrate – Having Cloud-Based PBX or Hosted Voice Systems will benefit your organization for having ease to integrate with your current systems as of them right now are Web-Based.

6. Cabling Expense and Hurdle – One of the prominent or obvious changes will happen to your IT Infrastructure as Cloud-Based PBX which just rely on the routing of your Network and no more re-termination of cabling from the Patch Panel and the painstaking documentation updates.

Premise-Based PBX

1. Quality – Having a wired and Premise-based PBX is guarantee of Excellent Voice Quality and consistent.

2. Hardware Voice Performance – Dedicated Hardware Voice Card to function one single task result consistent and superb performance.

3. Very Easy to Troubleshoot – Very easy to troubleshoot or isolate Voice issues. If having issues with voice and properly documented it so easy to isolate and trace which port is causing the problem and just remove the card and replace with another one and voice problem resolve. Unlike in Cloud-Based PBX Systems there’s a lot of Systems you need to consider as all of them are tightly connected to each other.

4. Price Are dropping – Vendors of KTS/POTS/PBX have no choice but to lower down their pricing just to be more competitive with the Cloud-Based Voice Systems Vendors.

Hope this article has provided you additional knowledge for Cloud-Based PBX and Premise-Based PBX

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