Before we go to the discussion of topic let give you some overview of these BGP and OSPF and EIGRP.

Please note: We won’t go deeper to each protocols about the different commands, routine attributes and design recommendation as we cannot cover all of them in this blog page (due to limited space). There’s some other website you can visit that provide extreme detail information, what we can provide here is the current network infrastructure trends in the Philippines Businesses and general overview of our experiences with these IP Protocols.

1. BGP Stands for Border Gateway Protocol, it is widely used for WAN connectivity, it is a standard & widely acceptance exterior protocol used by Big Companies, it under go to different revision and the most stable is the version 4, it has numerous routine attribute to consider, it behave the same ways with OSPF only difference it can traverse to the Internet and it require a demanding Hardware resources for the routing updates.

2. EIGRPStands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, is a proprietary protocol designed by Cisco Systems Company, work only with Cisco products, it is widely used for LAN & MAN connectivity, it consume little bandwidth for the routing updates, commonly used for Multi point like EoMPLS and Metro Ethernet, and very easy to configure and troubleshoot comparing to OSPF and BGP.

3. OSPFStands for Open Shortest Path First, the most commonly used LAN & MAN protocol for Enterprise Businesses, it uses different type of attributes, it consumes a lot of bandwidth for the routing updates comparing to EIGRP, it can be used as tracker protocol, routing behavior is also the same with BGP but with limitation to the LAN & MAN only due to the design limitation beyond Backbone Area aka Area 0 ,unlike in BGP it can work with different Backbone Area aka AS (Autonomous System) – AS is a collection of IPs control by Network Operator and it’s a routing policy of the Internet.

BGP and OSPF and EIGRP are the most stable Network IP Protocol we’ve been used for LAN, MAN and WAN connectivity. We try to recall all the BGP, OSPF and EIGRP Protocol based Infrastructure we have provisions from the past (20 years) experiences and we were shock to found out that everything is still intact and running, the only change was in the Switches Infrastructure due to the Cloud Technologies and Virtualization Technologies introduction. We are amaze to found out that it is still being implement as of today the from the SME up to the Enterprise Based Companies. So if you put it in the practical IT career aspect of all Network Protocols you need to study you just focus on to these 3 IP Protocols (BGP, OSPF and EIGRP) which is substantial enough for you to have a good IT Career and survival in your IT Professional job and having these knowledge will give you a more competitive and advantage to have a job for the next 10 years, even with the introduction of IPV6 still it can be use as the concept and routing technique still never change.

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