5 Benefits of Clean and Organize Working Area

We knew Clean and Organize Working Area topic will not gain 100% acceptance to all IT community out there as from what we heard they are lots of different reason behind and putting it here will not bring values to others. Actually our purpose is to share some our collective thoughts and experience about benefits of Practicing Clean and Organize Working Area in your work place, so let’s explore it.

1. Having an organize and clean working table while working eliminate unnecessary stress and your focus will not be distracted by scattered things around your busy hands. Let’s say you’re looking for pen or USB and you knew it’s in your pedestal regularly then you reduce the amount of time for searching, thus you become efficient even by “small things“, If you sum all the small things it will turn to a BIG thing. But if your pen or USB is not in the proper place and scattered around then there’s a great possibility might be lost especially if your office room is open to all staff or worst going to a bad habit of blaming someone.

2. When BIG Boss (can be from other Dept) saw your working area is organize and you make results. First thing will come out to their mind is you’re RESPONSIBLE and MATURED IT Professional.

3. Other’s say if your working area is mess-up it means you’re super busy, well not all people will accept this kind of thoughts and no guarantee that 100% all people will be align to your thinking. But if your working area is clean and organize you can guarantee that all types of people will think you handle your job very smoothly.

4. Imagine of spoil food or coffee in your table and you are concentrating in addressing the outage? or you have unexpected visitor from the Company Board of Director who just passed by your working area and suddenly smell the foul aroma of your spoil food or coffee. Do you think it will bring good impression to you? How about the health concern if you smell the bacteria flowing from your spoil food and coffee?

5. Will gain respect from other Department Head. A classic case study for Clean and Organize Working Area.

So here you go some thoughts we would like to share and we hope you’ll have a clean, organize and healthy living in your working environment.