8 Best Practices about Company Issued Laptop

Here’s Some Best Practices we would like to share with you about Company-Issued Laptop:

1. Make sure you have Laptop Security cable in your laptop bag or mobile pedestal, just in case you’re too tired to bring it at home of course lock it to avoid getting lost. We recommend also Kensington Brand for laptop security lock as this is common acceptable brand in other Big Corporate Companies.

2. READ your company policies and procedures regarding company-issued equipment. Remember you are REQUIRE to sign accountability document as part of your company procedure and policy.

3. Make sure you UNDERSTAND your company policy and procedure about stolen laptop. If your laptop was stolen make sure your report it and execute the process immediately. Delaying it will make the matter worst.

4. Do not install application (that’s include Web browser too) that is not authorized by your company. Typically the laptop will be assign to you has all the necessary application you needed for your work.

5. Make sure your laptop hard drive is encrypted. In case your laptop was stolen you are confident enough that your working documents will not be used by someone or worst sell it.

6. Your company-issued laptop is for business purposes only, so do not use it for personal use. Remember you are BOUND to your company policies and procedures.

7. We will say it again RESTRAIN yourself from temptation on binding your personal activities in your company-issued laptop. Remember all Personal files, Web Browser logs, Chat logs you purged can be recover by IT Expert and use it against you. We really re-iterate this item, because this is one of the common ground of termination happening nowadays and we want to contribute in LOWERING THE STATISTICS.

8. Always make sure your laptop is screen lock (Operating System side) and physically lock when you leave for break or lunch.

With that being said, we hope we were able to equip you with best practices in using company-issued laptop and avoid FOOLISH MISTAKE that will end your employment in a span of moment.


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