7 Facts of Conference Room

Almost every Company Offices has it’s Conference Room and you seldom see nowadays that Company doesn’t have Conference Room. Actually for the visitors perspective (possible new client??) Conference Room this is an opportunity to sneak peek how your company business status is, so it’s a given fact that every companies should spend time in making it elegant and more sophisticated (IT Technology aspect). Well the question now what’s has something to do with IT Department Operation and Conference room? That’s why we want to include this in our blog discussion to see the drama, the action and triumph happens in the Conference Room.

Let’s face it you can’t maximize your conference room if there’s no Telephone lines, Internet connection, video conference facility or teleconference in place and it’s our duty to make these happen so that your company might succeed in winning new clients.

Here’s the 7 Facts of Conference Room:

1. Typically some IT folks just patch their local “internal” network to the conference room data ports. For us this is not a good practice as someone or your visitor might connect to the conference room data ports illegally and access your internal network, perform scanning or worst inject network worm (another variant of virus).

2. You should have “isolated” Visitor VLAN assigned to your Conference Room data ports.

3. It is recommended also to have public network ready to be patch in the conference room data port. This is for your visitors who uses VPN but this item is subject for debate and not acceptable to everyone.

4. It is recommended to have at least 4 pairs of Data and Voice port. But due to the cost of having too many I/O we can use ordinary switch and plug-it to the existing data port.

5. Your cables should be organize and invest into wire management.

6. You should have UPS, power strip standby on the conference room. You knows your power I/O is just 2 pairs only against 20 visitors you have.

7. Some staff forgot to turn off the projector and this causes to malfunction, so better include this in your routine work checklist for the Technical Support Group given that no Department will take the ownership.