7 Benefits of having Customer Service Survey in your IT Department

Is everywhere in the service oriented industries, but in the IT Department this topic is sensitive and seldom included in the discussion especially in quarterly or semi annual review. We won’t explore the mysteries behind rather we explore the Benefits and Facts of having this holistic tool in our working environment and reflect how we gonna positively embrace the feedback’s from our internal Stakeholders.

Here goes:

1. It promulgate Teamwork, yup it’s true. When we found out that one of our team causes the customer service rating to fall down others just ignore it (doesn’t care) but if the customer survey rating is align to everyone performance rating, everyone participate in constantly reminding everyone moving forward.

2. It give you awareness of where you are in the company overall expectations. Typically not all Staff & Management will tell you directly but they will use it in the diplomatic approach which is the Customer Service Survey.

3. Ask help from other Department in coming up your IT Department Customer Service Survey as it promote good relationship. Do not fool yourself in coming up your version of customer survey.

4. Try to use some innovating approach of Customer Service Survey since we are in the Hosted Era (Cloud-based). We suggest try to check Survey monkey as some Big Companies are widely using it.

5. The result of your Customer Service Survey is a sneak peek of your Boss Political Reputation.

6. It enforce Positive Thinking – Think survey result as people caring about you to be exceptional good IT People and never think negatively nor retaliate as no values will come on your way just a lost of job and endless misery.

7. The infamous comfort zone chair – When you got feedback it doesn’t mean you’ll just ignore it, what it does you need to calibrate yourself and make some adjustments. We knew changes take time but you can do it in the acceptable pacing (just make sure it’s less than a month). People will appreciate if they see the changes after the Customer Service Survey period and they will have the impression of maturity to your Department.