7 Facts of Multitasking IT Roles

Is a sensitive topic and some of them doesn’t want to tackle as it trigger few negative thoughts. We decided to include this to our blog to unravel the Facts, Benefits, Cons, Repercussion of Multitasking IT Roles, besides our objective is to help everyone from the Business perspective up to the IT Staff perspective.

1. It is a defacto standard of thinking for all Mgmt & Business People that Multitasking IT Roles is a must.

2. Having Multitasking IT Roles has some BIG Benefits especially in the SME Scale Business, where they can’t afford & maintain a group of IT Staff.

3. If your business is growing rapidly, you should need to re-visit the workload of your IT staff if necessary.

4. There’s no standard formula out there about when you’ll spin-off the role of your IT Staff as not every business are “exactly” the same. Deciding when to spin-off is a balancing act you need to do as you need to draw the line between the company bottom line or welfare of your IT Staff.

5. Delaying to decide in spinning-off IT roles as some serious consequences to your Business Operation as your IT staff might experiencing already burn-out or their work effectiveness deteriorates dramatically, thus causing them to resign immediately especially if your IT Staff is a performer.

6. Your IT Staff is just a plain Human Being and Human Brain has it’s limitation to accept too many roles, nuff said.

7. If you saw Batman Batmobile named Tumbler, do you think it is design & conceptualize by one person? Recently when the production of Batman unveiled the secrets of Tumbler, everyone was caught by surprise that all parts of tumbler was handle by different people. All car specialist has it’s own vital role to this project and this is where they come-up of a fantastic result that the production of Batman the movie earn a huge amount of profit from the movie and Tumbler toys. What we imply here is that the same concept can be apply to Multitasking IT Roles, if you want to monetize for you can achieve it in a short period of time if we are talking about Big Scale Business, but if you want triple the profit then think about what the Batman the Movie production crew done to Tumbler.

In conclusion, it’s an unending saga of debate about the pros and cons of Multitasking IT Roles and there’s no amount space we can be put it here actually, also there’s no “magic” formula out there you can find, trust us. This is all about Business Risk, Correct Forecast and Right Numbers for you to decide for the proper spin-off and identify the limits of optimizing the Multitasking IT Roles.