How Important is having a Spare Mouse

Yup we know Spare Mouse is just ordinary IT peripherals, but for P-Tech we recognize small items contribution to our success and that’s why we want to share with you our collective thoughts coming from our almost 20 years of experience.
By default having Spare Mouse is expense (period), but if you think in the different perspective Spare Mouse is a value added feature to your IT Department Operation. Just like spare tires in your car? you can’t predict anytime when flat tries will happened? also the imagine the stress on top of your mind while driving? this is the same concept we want to imply also for Spare Mouse, but so there’s more..
Let’s accept it mouse peripherals is always subject to tear & wear and it’s one of the top 10 most IT requested items in the Corporate Business. Since our users already stress-out in their daily chores & deadlines having defective and slow response mouse create additional stress to them and if we enforce the hard way approach it consume their crucial time particularly if they have small time left to meet the deadlines thus will trigger irritating mood out of nowhere, but if you have spare mouse ready to replace in a jiffy you can be help to them by alleviating their stresses and same time which is very important: it create good impression as who you are for having Excellent Customer Service. Small things huh? but if you sum it all across different users it pushes your IT Department reputation to the next level (level UP for gamer) and trigger some buzz sound from the Top Management about your exceptional support to the Company Business.
Till next time..