Desktop Email Client and Web Based Email Client

For years until today there’s a lot of discussion & debate going on between choosing Desktop Email Client and Web Based Email Client. As a lot of people we know they always ask which of them really reign supreme in Corporate and Personal use? That’s why we decided to include this to our blog to unravel why they are still being compare to one another. We will share with you some of our expert insights as why they continues to evolve, the benefits of having one of them, the pros and cons and what is really suitable for you in terms of Corporate and Personal use. So after reading this article you will have a comprehensive point of view between the two of them and identify basically what best and suited for your need?

Why Web Based Email Client is a hit?

The Rise of HTML5 – One of the factors that trigger the revolution in Mobile Platform era, like low-powered mobile devices ex. Smartphone and Tablets, they become a hit when web-based application (ex. Web Based Messaging) can run smoothly to these devices across different platform of course with the help of HTML5. During the old days running Web Based Email client is a challenging feat, because HTML still needs to polish.

The Rise of Mobile Era – The diversity of Smartphone and Tablets play significant role why Web Based Email Client is a hit.

Storage Hardware become cheap – As technology continue to evolve and competition become stiffer & more competitive the end results users benefits of having cheaper & improve high performance storage Hard disk, thus email storage quota is not anymore a CAPEX issue from the Business sector especially the SMEs.

Browser Wars – A lot of new player popping-out in the Browser arena and some of them are tightly integrated with their respective Mobile devices from which users accessing their Email thru the web via mobile devices is a delightful experience comparing from their predecessors before.

More Skilled Web Developers – During the old days we only depend on few platform companies like Microsoft and Apple for their Developers, unlike today more Browsers Companies are popping-out from nowhere and their Browser products rock the Browser Industry to Innovate more or Died? Meaning Web Based Email Client benefit from the Developers competition race.


Why Desktop Email Client is a hit?

User experience – People who do email marketing on a daily basis are the one will definitely agree, it’s not yet 100% widely accepted for using stylus and tablet to compose numerous email with different content format like report, presentation and rich media. That’s why they still preferred to use the laptop/Computer based Email Apps.

Customizable Toolbars and lots of option for Email body formatting – Some users want to customize their toolbars for the Email Messaging App, so if you they use the Web Based Email Client it’s a big adjustment and stress for them, you know they want to eliminate unnecessary stress.

Fonts – Let’s face it people like to use different fonts format and not all browsers can effectively do this. You are definitely limited to few nos. of widely use Fonts and sizes.

Copy & Paste of Microsoft Office Documents – Not all format of Microsoft Office documents will likely be the same when you copy it to your Web Based Email clients , especially if the browser is not Microsoft Edge.

Response Time – The response time of Desktop Email Client is superior to Web Based that’s why people are not letting go of their Desktop Email Client. The caching performance of Web Based Email is another thing to look and improve and if you have tons of temporary browser files the more sluggish your Web Base Email Client is. Most notably is if you have tons of Email Recipient already send and the caching pop-out of previous recipient takes time to load comparing to Desktop Based Email client.

Drag and Drop Feature – Not all Browsers behave consistently with the Drag and Drop files and it takes time to load comparing to Desktop Email client, so if you have little patience then you know what to choose.

Privacy and Sensitive Information – Browsers are highly susceptible to Malware, so if you are using Web Based Email client for sending sensitive information then GOOD LUCK. Most Browsers tend to get information of your activities as a way for them to fund the developers which is the way of their living.

So having read all the strong points of Desktop Email Client and Web Based Email Client you are now ready to make a decision which really applicable to Corporate and Personal use.