Email PST Files

Microsoft Outlook PST files are the most overlooked file in the company and if your company uses Microsoft Outlook Application as your default collaboration tool then expect this kind of file are everywhere in your File Server.Typically one employee is averaging 3-5 Email PST Files in their shared folder (via File Server), so if you have 1,000 employee uses Microsoft Outlook everyday imagine how many Email PST Files you can see in their production Folder. Please note we are not including their Email PST Files residing in their designated workstation as employee typically tend to do is to backup their Email PST Files in the File Server where they knew local IT folks would include it in their regular backup chores.

As for the Systems Administration Group, PST files in the File Server are one of the common challenges they face day-to-day as it main characteristic for being Bigger File, taking longer time to complete their regular backup job and same time it consume large amount of disk space to your production File server, so if this cannot be control then expect your local IT will include upgrade or additional drive expense to their yearly CAPEX.

The last and most critical one for the
PST files is subject for Security Data risk as in the wrong hands of people this file contain sensitive emails or important file to your company. Typically if you don’t have USB port restriction in your local workstation or laptop, anyone from your staff can copy their Email PST Files and same keep it in their personal portable drive and the rest is out of your business control, meaning in the current trends today data is the new hot commodity.