Windows Server 2003 extended support ends

As Microsoft Security Bulletin announced yesterday (July 8, 2014) of more than 20 patch fixes including the MS14-037 for Windows Server 2003 Platform (including 64 bit), we would like to remind you that extended support for Windows 2003 Server ends on July 14, 2015. Yup it’s not 2015 yet but the planning, budgeting and presentation of execution will take some time and our stakeholder are not type of people to decide quickly enough as you need to give them some ample time to think about especially if the project require a big investment.

It is better that we start now initiating how we gonna do with our legacy Windows 2003 Server as we might overlook it later on and realize you just have less than 3 months left to think about, also this is the right timing as discussion & approval for your Department budget start a month before the 4th quarter of 2014 start (which is typical from all companies we work).

The potential consequences of using Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015 is an easy target for hacker, malware and virus to compromise your systems and expose your company precious confidential data especially if the server act as File Server. If your local IT staff require some assistance due to their current heavy load, you can tap with the
IT Expert Company to assist you further in justifying, preparing and migrating your legacy systems as they heavily involved to this kind of job to their clients from small to bigger scale type approach. A classic case study for this article of Windows Server 2003 extended support ends.

We hope we provided you with enough insight today about our Blog post regarding Windows Server 2003 extended support ends.