Hard disk Maintenance

With the recent launch of new technologies innovation for Hard disk, we think it is a right timing for us to include Hard disk Maintenance topic in our blog articles. So our purpose here is to give you some awareness on how to maintain in good shape your laptop, Computer and Server hard disk and reach its peak level performance.

Disk Defragmentation –> Yup it’s the infamous Defragmentation tool build-in to your OS. No wonder you can still see this tool until today in your new generation Operating Systems, it’s because of the potentials can do to revitalize your equipment performance. Sadly lots of people tend to forget or ignore this unless they encountered performance issues or hang-up problems and that’s the time they’ll remember to use it. Our best recommendation here is to conduct Defragmentation on a quarterly basis. A classic approach for Hard disk Maintenance.

Disk Space Capacity –> Another consideration you have to take note. We all knew we want to maximize the disk capacity of our Hard drive but sometimes we didn’t knew the performance also degraded if reaches to the 90% level capacity (based on our experience), so what we can recommend is for you to do Disk Cleanup on a quarterly basis by purging all floating & residing temp files on our laptop/computer or server. Another thing to consider is to conduct archive backup of your very very VERY OLD FILES (yup we exaggerate for you to take note), the best practices nowadays is to maintain your old files not more than 2 yrs. old, anything beyond 2 yrs old need to be archives so that your hard disk performance will still on its optimum performance.

Error Checking –> This tool is built-in to your Operating System and can play a significant role in early detection of potential hardware issue might happen to your hard disk. Error checking also help your Computer/laptop/server systems detect for any bad sector and prevent future data loss cause by it. Our take here is if you encountered lots of Bad Sector in your hard disk then try starting backing up your files and come up a plan on how to replace that hard disk asap.

Turn-Off the devices when not it’s use –> The last technique we would like to recommend, of course this Hard disk Maintenance technique doesn’t apply to the servers as their services are round the clock and it’s not practical shutting down the service just to do maintenance unless it’s schedule maintenance. This only apply to the laptop or computer as their hard disk is not design to run round the clock and require some time to lower down the temperature build-up inside the Hard disk chassis. Typically we used Standby or Hibernate mode to our laptop most of the time, but not having a full time shutdown might compromise your laptop hard disk performance or worst encounter hardware breakdown due to heat. Based on our experience SSD (Solid-State drive) based drive is very susceptible to heat, so avoid putting your laptop in standby or hibernate mode and storing it in your laptop bag overnight especially if you are in the tropical location like in the Philippines.