5 Tech Tips related for Hard drive and Theft and Data Recovery

There’s some buzz going round lately regarding very personal files being expose to the public via Social Media and Video Streaming and we express our sympathy to the people out there who are hit by this controversy. So we decided to come-up Hard drive and Theft and Data Recovery topic for our Blog and be able to shed some light to everyone about proper prevention and potential risks might happen to your Data (Personal & Business) & Hard drive. Here’s some FACTS, Prevention and Risks you might to consider about Computer, Laptop Hard drive.

1. Make sure that when you’re planning to sell you Computer/laptop to anyone, you need to remove the Hard drive and told the buyer (including relatives just to make sure) they can buy Hard drive for any computer shop. Including the Hard drive on the package is not a wise decision as somebody might recover the files even if the Hard drive was already re-formatted several times. Even if someone will told you that there’s a software tool to wipe-out the data permanently, don’t believe it so as everything can be recover as long the Hard drive is not physically destroy literally. A classic case study for Hard drive and Theft and Data Recovery.

2. In the Era today Data is a given commodity, so if the laptop/computer came from the company or famous dignitary, any malicious people will try to leverage it for a huge amount of money if found some sensitive files.

3. Do not store your old Hard drive in your room or house as most of the Theft now are very sophisticated nowadays.

4. You can hire someone or handyman to physically drill the Hard drive and punch some several holes to your old Hard drives, but you need to be in the presence just to be sure they are doing what your instruction is.

5. For the Company who are planning to dispose 10 years old Computer/laptop and the volume of Hard drive is not feasible to be execute by a group of handyman to perform drilling, then look for reputable company who are expert to the disposal of media. Another good case study for Hard drive and Theft and Data Recovery.

6. Utilized Encryption technology in your Hard drive. Windows Desktop Operating System has it so why not used it.

We hope we were able to give you some insights about Hard drive and Theft and Data Recovery article and come up a proper prevention, so that the next time you are fully equipped about the Do’s and Don’ts regarding Hard drive and Data of your computer/laptop.