How to’s Document is one of the effective technique to make your IT Staff work more efficient, but unfortunately this is not a common practice nowadays for IT Professionals. So let’s examine the Values & Benefits can do to our IT Department.

1. Everyone in your IT Staff will benefit in the Technical Perspective if they practice doing How to’s documentation given that they read the documents.

2. Proper documenting of your team task make your Department Responsible and Synergize.

3. All your IT staff can take schedule VLs without thinking of who will do his/her jobs.

4. Eliminate politicking in your Department since everyone will not depend too much to someone who knew the task.

5. For some they didn’t document their tasks, setup and configuration intentionally for “Job Security” reasons, but later will realize they don’t give opportunities for themselves to move forward and learn something new and become successful to their career someday.

6. People who succeed in their career are the one who do this kind of practices.