6 Reasons Positive Attitude is a must in your IT Department

Is a very common & broad topic and you can find it everywhere from the leadership books, Internet and training. But why we want to include in our blog topic? Well it’s a given that Positive Attitude is applicable to everyone and to all industries out there, so it’s in the IT industries as well. We will just share our collective thoughts & insights about Positive Attitude in the IT World since this is our expertise.

1. You seldom see nowadays working in the IT Department as a pioneer IT staff on a certain companies, typically now when you get onboard they are already existing IT staff even in the SME scale businesses as they are already “interim” IT in-charge on board, so when you’re hired under IT Department your initial survival kit is Positive Attitude, but the question is how far will it last? 3 months? 6 months? Or 9 months? People who have been working for a company for too long sometimes forget their status as Employee working for a company, so behavioral issue start kicking in when they get too comfortable and think they are still inside their home which is not. The solution is realization every day, but how? Think it this way when you start entering the main door of your office premise think you are entering the office as ordinary employee, no matter how high your position and reputation is you need to have this kind of awareness and this will able to replenish your positive attitude outcome in your daily work specially the one who are front liner like the IT Helpdesk Operation.

2. Positive Attitude makes you Technically Incline – They are lots of positive rewarding if you continue holding on in Positive Attitude in your daily driver as you know there’s no such thing as perfect working environment. On being Positive Attitude is a way of helping you to focus more to your job and to discover technologies implemented in your companies. People who are always practicing politicking are already stuck to limbo and their passion in the technology innovation are starting to depleted “unconsciously” and sooner realize their mistake when their lose their jobs and never grab the opportunity to equipped themselves with the new technologies during their employment.

3. If you love what you are doing then definitely Positive Attitude is along the way, but if you don’t love job IT job then expect Positive Attitude is very challenging feat for you to accomplish.

4. People in the IT Industries exchange their experiences & knowledge with people they meet or work with, so if you treated them properly and apply Positive Attitude then it will spread to their circle of friends and business network. It also does implies if you didn’t treat them properly.

5. No matter how good you are in your field of IT expertise, if you don’t practice Positive Attitude then sooner or later your IT career will end shortly as Technology changes rapidly as your current Technology Masterpiece will not any more relevant to the current market and you need to replenish your technology skills update but you can’t do that all alone especially if you are getting older and face by the younger generation who collaborate with their peers who has Positive Attitude.

6. No matter how old are you if you practice Positive Attitude in your daily IT work life , you have still have the advantage to others who doesn’t do, especially if you have lots of technologies implemented and being consistent on Positive Working Attitude. That’s a very deciding factor for the Upper Management for you to stay in their IT Organization.

So there you go some of our insights & collective thoughts about 6 Reasons Positive Attitude is a must in your IT Department or IT work career. Maintaining align yourself in the Positive Attitude is challenging feat, but the rewards will pay-off when you’re not expecting it.

Remember what old people say’s “The Right Way is the Best Way”.