Cloud Based Anti Spam Solution

Cloud Service & Products are now everywhere in the market, but one product innovation that caught our attention which is the Cloud Based Anti Spam Solution.

Before the era of Cloud Based Solutions there’s this Appliance based and Software based Anti-Spam Solutions, their administration & maintenance is very tedious and they are not economical in the eyes of the decision maker as you need to justify the signature updates (or Maintenance) OPEX on the annual basis plus the scalability of these solution is not budget friendly as you are tied up to a certain nos of users,mailbox, session, etc. And when you have sudden expansion in your business operation, you need to justify again to the decision maker about upgrading your current Anti Spam Solution which is a bit challenging for the IT Department as Business Heads will say they need to recover first the money they spend to that previous systems before upgrading it.

Now that Cloud technology has become mature and Anti Virus Companies already started to embraced this technological feat. They come up a better & practical solution (product/service) to address the previous challenges and they are now called Cloud Based/Hosted Based Anti Spam aka SAAS (Software as a Service). With this SAAS based Solutions you don’t anymore worry a lot of things like the upgrade of the appliance, server that host your Anti Spam software, local network and many more as you just have to pay the subscription fee on a very flexible payment terms.

There are lots of Cloud Based Anti Spam Solution to choice from, but we recommend you start checking the Big Player of the Anti Virus industry as they definitely have this solutions in their product portfolio.

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